November 2018
Groeien is moeilijk als er geen vakmensen meer zijn te vinden

Volgens dit artikel uit het FD, is één van de grootste uitdagingen voor bedrijven in de huidige hoogconjunctuur het vinden van vakmensen. Een van de oplossingsrichtingen die wordt geschetst om in de krappe markt voor ICT-ers de groei te kunnen doorzetten,...

June 2018
5 Benefits of Blockchain & Why It’s Top Emerging Technology For Future?

Today, we are going to talk about blockchain, its benefits and why blockchain is necessary? -Blockchain is the most popular word in the tech community. In 2008 Satoshi Nakamoto introduced the world with Blockchain A year later he gave its first application!...

May 2018
Quick Round-Up of App Wrapping, Benefits & How It Works

What is App Wrapping? -App Wrapping or Application Wrapping is a process of applying different mobile app development policies to the particular app on device for securing its data. Typical app wrapping can be performed via SDK or via EMM vendor who can control basic securities of the app like who can download the app and who can access...

May 2018
A New Beginning for Better Business and Bigger Change

We are exceptionally thrilled to announce the opening of our new office at Apeldoorn, Netherlands. The Dutch country scores as well in its global contribution to science and technology as it does in prosperity and equality. A force in the B2B software realm, the Netherlands is a shining example of how digital times can coexist with industrial pace...

May 2018
Our Love to Build Website in WordPress

Word Press is a powerful yet free content management system (CMS) which offers an extensive range of features for creating truly impressive business websites. The benefits of availing this web development platform are endless, and here are a few of them.

July 2017
Top 7 Ways To Promote Your Mobile App

Now that every business has got its own mobile app, you too have got one, but there is glitch here – your business mobile app is yet to be in limelight. Irrespective of best design, easy navigation, no hassles to download, no technicality issue your mobile app is not showing up hence; the sales you were expecting is not touching the target. What to do?

Top 5 Tips for Transitioning Legacy Systems to the Cloud

Moving to the cloud is important but to understand well about how to begin and from where to start. Cloud computing let users with various capabilities to store, process and manage their data in either privately owned cloud or on a third-party server to access data easily and reliable.

Legacy System Migration Do's and Dont's

Legacy systems are long term investment for any types of businesses making a migration project into an inevitable consequence of aging software systems. But avoiding all the traps it can be turned into an advantage. Let’s learn about the working do’s and dont’s from some of the experienced stories giving you some practical advice of high level strategy.

5 Effective Ways to Implement Mobile App Security

Mobile apps are the most useful and basic need for everyone these days. Almost everything can be done online like shopping, banking, ticket booking, games, etc many things. There is an app to everything whether it’s fitness, it’s cooking, it’s gardening, it’s kids education or anything one can grab info by just one touch.

Key Benefits of Agile Methodology for your Startup

There are many challenges for the start ups, new business, new entrepreneurs all are struggling with their start up issues. In this initial period for newbies, The market keeps changing and with this changing world one needs proper funding and strategies to grow in this competitive world. For all the startups one best solution is to follow agile methodology.

What Mobile App Marketing Can Do Wonders To Your Business?

Witnessing the rising demand of Smartphone users, there are new marketing channels opening up for the businesses. Now a day, consumers are using their smartphones for various purposes like shopping, bookings, banking to endless tasks that can done in a jiffy.

Top 7 Mobile App Development Trends for 2017

There is a lot of buzz in the mobile industry, as businesses are getting more and more curious about what could be the newest trend that will be setting new benchmark in 2017. Year 2017 looks very promising for mobile developers, as there will be lot more creative and uniqueness to show in this arena.