A New Beginning for Better Business and Bigger Change

May 2018
A New Beginning for Better Business and Bigger Change

We are exceptionally thrilled to announce the opening of our new office at Apeldoorn, Netherlands. The Dutch country scores as well in its global contribution to science and technology as it does in prosperity and equality. A force in the B2B software realm, the Netherlands is a shining example of how digital times can coexist with industrial pace. The high-tech start-up capital has been making headlines worldwide for its innovative practices, and we could not be more delighted to learn and grow ‘the Dutch-Way’!

Despite being ultra-progressive, Netherlands is undeniably affordable for unconventional companies like ours. No wonder biggies like Uber, Netflix and Unicorn established their EU headquarters in the European Capital of Innovation. It not only boasts of strategic location and exceptional quality of life but also competitive fiscal climate and a multilingual workforce. The Netherlands has a superior infrastructure to test products and sensitivity for a clean future. The government’s commitment to tech entrepreneurship released start-up visa to enter a new era in start-up and scale-up proliferation.

Technigents aims at knowledge missions between Dutch and Indian stakeholders for possible exchanges in AI, Blockchain, cloud development and mobile technology. We have a history of outsourcing hence many of our projects were developed in a similar construction. The company was started to tap American market, but we soon ventured into UK, Germany, Argentina, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Israel, New Zealand, Australia, Switzerland, and Vietnam. We aim to have global business experts as our representatives to reflect our passion and creativity. Our first two offices are located in the entrepreneurial cities of Ahmedabad and Rajkot in Gujarat, India.

Technigents has developed an extensive portfolio of customized business solutions for a variety of industries. We use disruptive technology to create comprehensive enterprise solutions to maximize business output. Our solutions are tailor-made for sales and ERP, E-commerce and E-learning, team collaboration and cloud technology. We also have in our kitty sellable social apps, educative games, and integrated web solutions. We are a dynamic resource pool that can enter anywhere in your development cycle. Whether it be to add capacity to your onshore team, use our expertise for a second opinion, exploit our analysis for R&D or outsource our software developing or testing skills, we love to collaborate!

Our technically intelligent team likes to come up with innovative ways to solve a problem. For instance, we created an online marketplace where everyone associated with textile industry can connect, grow and help others. We developed a Sharepoint integrated mobile application for a renowned cosmetic surgeon to help clients decide which service to avail and predict the result. For children, we loved designing an app through which they can express their artistic abilities by using fingers. Similarly, we have developed smart solutions for Golf Course Management, Data Management Systems, Mobile Healthcare Tools, Emergency Service Locator, Online E-Learning Platform and Bluetooth Enabled Access Control System.

According to the Hindu, “The Netherlands is the fifth largest investment partner of India globally and has emerged as the third largest source of FDI for the country in the last three years. India has become a central BPO base for Dutch companies, filling in the gaps concerning IT skills that we experience in the Netherlands.”

Technigent's partnership in Netherland aims to share a similar, mutually progressive relationship. In a rapidly evolving business world, we believe the last advantage is not in competing but collaborating. So together we are taking the next step to unveil possibilities.